Parent Testimonials

"Our favorite part about Trinity Lutheran School is being part of a family-oriented community that shares the same faith foundation. Our kids are surrounded daily by strong academic and spiritual role models, and we value Christian values being woven in all areas of their daily lives.  Trinity's smaller class sizes have allowed our kids to receive more individualized attention which is invaluable in developmental years, and they are also part of a school community that truly wants all students to thrive. Having our kids come home and share Bible stories they talked about in class allows us to frequently witness their growing faith, strengthening our faith as well. My children both love Trinity.  They have built solid relationships with all their classmates, as well as students across all grade levels..  They look up to the upper graders as role models, and the upper graders take those opportunities to be big brothers/big sisters for the younger students, demonstrating Christian relationships across all age ranges and creating a more positive school environment.  While at first glance, it may seem that a school as small as Trinity can't compete with larger schools, the curriculum standards are strong, all teachers take an interest in getting to know each child individually and caring about their well-being, and parents have numerous opportunities to get involved and build relationships with one another as well."

"The nurturing and supportive environment provided by the faith-based school has been instrumental in shaping not only my children’s academic success but also their character development. The school's commitment to instilling values such as compassion, kindness, and integrity aligns seamlessly with our family's core beliefs. Witnessing my children grow into responsible and morally grounded individuals has been a source of immense joy and pride"

"The faith-based curriculum has played a pivotal role in fostering a holistic approach to education. Beyond traditional subjects, my children have the opportunity to explore and understand the importance of spirituality and morality in shaping a well-rounded personality. The integration of faith into daily/weekly lessons has not only deepened their understanding of various subjects but has also provided a moral compass that will guide them throughout their lives."

"Choosing to enroll my children in a school that integrates faith into education has proven to be one of the most rewarding decisions of our parenting journey. The sense of community within the faith-based school has been nothing short of extraordinary. The shared values and beliefs create a bond among students, teachers, and families that goes beyond the classroom. This strong sense of community has not only enriched my children's social life but has also provided a supportive network that reinforces the values we cherish as a family. The combination of academic excellence, character development, a strong sense of community, and a foundation in faith has created an environment that not only prepares my children for academic success but also equips them with the values and principles necessary for a purposeful and fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend a Trinity Lutheran School for any parent seeking a transformative and holistic approach to their child's development."

"What a blessing Trinity has been for our two kids.  We love the small class sizes and the community feel.  The interaction between the older kids with the younger kids is an awesome sight to see.  We had the intention of only sending our kids to preschool at Trinity and switching to the public, but we have made the decision to keep them here through eighth grade.  Their education is important to us, and we feel Trinity is the best place for them."

"My favorite part of Trinity is walking in the door and it feels like home.  Mostly because I grew up here, but also with being so small then I can know everyone. So it feels like family! The most impact it has on my children would be they have learned to know Christ. They are learning their self worth because they were created by God for a reason! Others should choose Trinity to join in our family and to join us in loving Jesus and each other."

"Our favorite part about Trinity School is that it is really a little community that looks out for one another.  This consists of the teachers doing what’s best for our kids and also the upper graders who help the younger kids.  All of the students within the whole school seem know each other and they respect their peers. Having the smaller class sizes and the foundation that Trinity offers the kids has helped our girls in how they behave and interact with their peers. They are always excited to talk about their day at school. We have an outgoing child who is very active and another who is reserved and we truly appreciate the smaller classroom sizes.   The teachers fully understand how to work with our daughters to make them successful. Seeing our daughters development in reading, math, and the interactions with students has far surpassed my expectations.   We have always felt welcomed and appreciate the community Trinity exhibits.   Our girls are always excited to be at school!"