What to Expect

"God has planted Trinity here to serve others so that they have hope in Christ in every chapter of their lives." 

Before any railroad trains chugged through Rantoul Township, before there was a gristmill at Rantoul center, before Rantoul Center came to be called Potter, the civil war began. As the war clouds were just beginning to form on the horizon, a small handful of German immigrants, Lutheran by faith, gathered in Rantoul to hear pastor Jox of Reedsville conduct their first church service. The year was 1857. These German Lutherans knew they had to have more of this.

The very next year, 1858, on the 16th of June, Trinity congregation was organized with 10 members. Soon thereafter a 5-acre tract of land was purchased for $12.50 with the high hope of erecting a church thereon.

In the fall of 1860, the little congregation happily dedicated their first House of Worship to the Lord. It was an 18 by 24 foot log building located in the general area of where Trinity Church is today.

Today, the church building has grown, the school building thrives with energetic students in 3K-8th grades, and the modern daycare is alive with learning, laughter, prayers, and praise! The same eagerness to hear God's Word and sing His praises is alive at Trinity today in worship, education, and caring for one another. 

Our church service follows a traditional liturgy (order of worship) with hymns, confession and absolution, psalms, responsive prayers, Bible readings, a Sermon by the pastor, prayers for the church, and holy communion for fellow LCMS members.